Chronolgy of the Cribb/Bartlett Family
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Chronology of the Cribb Family

22/11/1772 Thomas Cribb & Hannah Rodgers marry
1775 Ester Cribb born
1777 Issac Cribb born
02/07/1781 Thomas Cribb born
08/07/1781 Thomas Cribb christened in Lawrence Hill Bristol
22/10/1783 Daniel Cribb born
27/11/1782 Daniel Cribb christened
1785 George Cribb born
23/10/1786 George Cribb christened
1785 Elizabeth Cribb born
24/12/1789 Abraham Cribb born
1792 Ann Cribb born
1794 Harriet Cribb born
c1794 Tom Cribb age thirteen moves to London to become an apprentice bellhanger
c1803/4 Tom Cribb leaves the Royal Navy
07/01/1805 Cribb makes his debut age 23 as a prizefighter against George Maddox at Wood Green
15/02/1805 Possibly fought against Tom "Tough" Blake at Blackheath
21/05/1805 Fought against Ikey Pig at Blackheath
29/07/1805 Fought against George Nicholls at Blackwater. Cribb's only defeat
07/10/1805 First fight against Bill Richmond at Hailsham
1806 Fought against Tom Belcher
1806 Second fight against Bill Richmond at Blackheath
08/04/1807 First fight against Jem Belcher at Molesey Hurst
10/05/1808 Possibly fought against Dick Horton at Woburn, Herts
25/10/1808 Cribb defeats Bob Gregson at Molesey Hurst to become Champion of England
01/02/1809 Second fight against Jem Belcher on Epsom Downs
12/12/1809 Tom Cribb marries Elizabeth Warr
c1810 Becomes landlord of the 'Union Arms' in Panton St
18/12/1810 First fight against Tom Molyneaux at Copthall Common
28/09/1811 Second fight against Tom Molyneaux at Thistleton Gap
01/12/1811 Presented with silver Championship trophy at the Castle Tavern, Holborn
1812 Defeats Symonds (aka the Jew or the Ruffian) at Fore st, Cripplegate
15/06/1814 Spars before Emperor of Russia,the King of Prussia,three Prussian princes,the Prince of   Mecklenburg and Marshal Blucher at an exhibition at Lord Lowther's in Pall Mall.
1814 Benefit held for Cribb
1814 Beats 'Massa' Kendrick (this was a "private" fight)
1815 Exhibition bout with Tom Molyeaux
07/11/1816 Defeats an unknown boxer
13/04/1817 Emily Cribb christened
04/09/1817 George Cribb christened
11/03/1817 Exhibition bout with Jack Carter
15/04/1817 Exhibition bout with Bitton (the Jew) in a benefit for Bill Richmond
15/05/1817 Exhibition bout with Tom Oliver
18/01/1820 William Frederick Cribb christened
01/02/1820 Cribb defeated Jack Carter at a room turn-up in Oxenden St
19/07/1821 Tom Cribb was one of the ushers at George IVs coronation
 05/1822 Benefit boxing display held in the Fives Court for Cribb
17/09/1822 Cribb appeared with Tom Spring in Pierce Egans play "Life in London"
29/12/1821 Elizabeth Ann Cribb born
25/01/1822 Elizabeth Ann Cribb christened
 1822 Cribb retires undefeated as Champion of England. Presented with lion-skin belt. Names Tom Spring as his successor.
07/04/1824 Ellen Cribb christened
15/10/1829 Henry Cribb christened
07/01/1843 William Frederick Cribb marries Sophia Hall
09/05/1848 George Cribb marries Sarah Ann Maie
11/05/1848 Tom Cribb dies age 67 at the home of his son William, 111 High St, Woolwich.