Places of Interest in Tom Cribb's History
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TOM CRIBB'...(formerly the 'UNION ARMS' ) 36 Panton St. London. August 19th 2001.


The bar of the 'Tom Cribb'. ( also see below )

'Cribb's parlour'...From the Egan's book 'Life in London.

111 HIGH ST. WOOLWICH. The house where Tom Cribb died is now the Ready Snacks Cafe.

The view across the road from the Ready Snacks Cafe.

An old map showing Woolwich High St.The location of No. 111 is marked.

An arial veiw of old Woolwich. No. 111 High St is marked with a black arrow.

TOM CRIBB...8/7/1781-11/5/1848...This monument was erected to Tom Cribb on the 1st may 1854. This is now the only grave still remaining in the churchyard.

Cribb's lion

Tom Cribb's grave...St Mary Magdelane church, Woolwich.

St Mary Magdelane Church Woolwich.

A map showing the location of Cribb's grave.

Possibly an example of Tom Cribb's handwriting.

Frontispiece to Pierce Egan's 'Boxiana'

The silver trophy that was presented to Tom Cribb

Joe Warr (sometimes spelt Ward). Tom Cribb's father in law.

TOM CRIBB'S TROPHY & BELT...In a lithograph of 1860, the well fed Tom Sayers exhibits his hard won trophies, including the large cup and lion skin belt that was made for Tom Cribb forty years earlier.