Tom Cribb's Prizefight Career
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Chronology of Tom Cribb's Fighting Career

Geoge Maddox: (age 50 yrs) Mon. 7th January 1805. Wood Green Nr Highgate. 76 rounds. (2hrs 10min).
Purse; 25gns. Cribb wins 20gns, Maddox 5gns.
Seconds; Cribb: Black (Dutch?) Sam. Maddox: Tom "Paddington" Jones.
Cribb's first professional fight.

Tom Blake*: 15th Febuary 1805. Blackheath.
20 rounds.( 1hr.) Purse; 40gns.
Seconds; Cribb: Bill Richmond & Joe Norton. Blake: Dick Hall & ?Webb.

Ikey Pig: 21st May 1805. Blackheath.
11 rounds (30min.) Purse; 40gns.
Seconds; Cribb: Tom "Paddington" Jones. Ikey Pig: Bill Wood.

George Nicholls:Sat. 29th July 1805. Blackwater.
52 rounds. Purse; 25.
Seconds; Cribb: Dick Hall. Nicholls: Tom "Paddington" Jones.
Cribb's only defeat.

Bill Richmond: 7th October 1805. Hailsham, Sussex.
Fight lasts 90min. Purse; 25gns.
Tom Belcher: 1806.

Bill Richmond: 1806. Blackheath.
Jem Belcher: 8th April 1807. Molesey Hurst.
41 rounds. Purse; 200gns. 20ft roped ring.
Seconds; Cribb: Bill Warr+ & Bill Richmond. Belcher: John Gully & Bob Watson.

Dick Horton*: 10th May 1808. Woburn, Herts.
25 rounds. Purse; 100gns.
Unknown Win to Cribb

Bob Gregson: 25th October 1809. Molesey Hurst.
23 rounds. Purse; 30ft roped ring.
Seconds; Cribb: John Gully & Bill Gibbons. Gregson: Jem Belcher & Bill Richmond.
Cribb wins Championship title.

Jem Belcher: 1st Febuary 1809. Epsom Downs.
31 rounds, 40min. 30ft roped ring.
Seconds; Cribb: Joe Warr+ & Bill Gibbons. Belcher: Dan Mendoza & Bob Clarke.
Cribb retires from the prizering.

Tom Molyneaux: 18th December 1810.Copthall Common, Nr East Grinstead. Sussex.
34 rounds. 24ft (roped?) ring.
Seconds; Cribb: John Gully & Joe Warr+. Molyneaux: Bill Richmond & Tom "Paddington" Jones.
20,000 in attendance.

Tom Molyneaux: 28th September 1811. Thistleton Gap, Nr Leicester, Rutland.
11 rounds, 19min 10sec. 25ft wood rail ring.
Stake; 300 pounds a side. Cribb wins 400 pounds. Capt. Barclay (Cribb's trainer) wins 10,000 pounds.
Seconds: Cribb: John Gully & Joe Warr+. Molyneaux: Bill Richmond & Bill
25,000 in attendance

Symonds: c1812. Win to Cribb.

Massa Kendrick: c1814. Win to Cribb.
(this was a 'privte' fight)

Unknown:7/11/1817. Win to Cribb
(20 min).

Jack Carter: 1/2/1820. Oxenden St. London.
Cribb beat Carter in a room turn-up.

* Pierce Egan in his "Boxiana" is the only writer to mention these fights.
+ Bill Warr & Joe Warr were both also known by the surname Ward.

Cribb finally retires from the prizering in 1811.
Presented with a silver Championship trophy on Mon. 2nd December 1811 at the Castle Tavern, Holborn. Presented to him by Mr. Robert Emery of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden on behalf of his fellow boxers.

Exhibition bout with Tom Molyneaux
11/3/1817 :Exhibition Bout With Jack Carter
15/4/1817: Exhibition bout with Symonds
15/5/1817:Exhibition bout with Tom Oliver
15/6/1814:Spars before the Emperor of Russia,the King of Prussia, three Prussian princes,the Prince of
Mecklenburg and Marshal Blucher at an exhibition at Lord Lowther's in Pall Mall to celebrate the defeat of Napoleon.
Benefits: At Cribb's benefit in 1814, Tom Belcher gave a brilliant exhibition of skilful boxing against the Champion himself, a man three stone heavier.

May 1822 at the Fives Court, St Martins Lane, London. Benefit boxing display for Cribb.

Cribb announces Tom Spring as his successor to the Championship.

Cribb is presented with a lion-skin belt to mark his retirement from the Championship after 14 years as undefeated Champion.

17th September 1821, Cribb is one of the ushers at George IV's Coronation along with Gully, Sping,Belcher, Richmond,Owen, Hudson and Oliver under the direction of "Gentleman" John Jackson.